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How to remove Duplicate emails and Items in Outlook?

Duplicate items are the replica of original emails that appear repeatedly in the Outlook PST files. In general duplicates, items are formed when Outlook receive two or more emails of the same format. Another reason behind Duplicate item formation is when the user merges or splits two or more OUTLOOK PST file of the same account. In case of security reasons, we install anti-viruses in our system to get secure data from being lost. But, the users are not aware of this fact that anti-viruses also make Outlook emails duplicate. In these, the situation there arises a lot of hindrance and confusion amongst the users: what to do with the duplicate emails or where to find and remove Outlook duplicates?

In this following blog, we will be discussing the cause that leads to duplicate emails and remedies to avoid these email duplicates. Before moving any further, let us brief the user about how MS outlook work? Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email client used to access Microsoft Exchange Server email. Generally comes with a Microsoft suite. Not only does Microsoft Outlook provide access to Exchange Server email, but it also includes contact, calendaring and task management functionality.

Reasons behind Duplicate emails

  • Several times the company or business administrative sends same emails, documents or attachments again and again just to grab the users their attention towards them.
  • If the process is not done correctly during the merging or splitting emails it may create duplicate files.
  • Sometimes, improper installation of anti-virus may create duplicate files.

Demerits of having duplicate emails in Outlook

The demerits of having duplicate emails in Outlook can be discussed as follows:-

  • MS Outlook performance will reduce as it will start slowing down the functionality because of an excess number of emails.
  • Due to the presence of duplicate emails, the size of Outlook files will increase which may result in a corruption of Outlook PST files. As Outlook is allotted with size limits if the size limit is exceeded the data will get corrupted easily.
  • As duplicate emails items require the same amount of space as original Outlook PST files take for storage. Therefore, this can lead to limit management issues in O

How to Remove Duplicate emails from Outlook?

Unfortunately, the Microsoft does not provide any tools that would let the users remove duplicate emails message from Outlook. Though Microsoft, do recommend the way to remove duplicate emails manually.  But, they do come with some limitation. The manual method does not allow a user to remove a large number of the duplicate file. Instead, they allow the user to remove Outlook PST files individually which is very time-consuming.  The user is unable to new store folder while removing the duplicate emails. The manual methods are risky, as data may lose or corrupted if the proper removal is not done. Manual methods do not allow multiple removal access with attributes at a time. The manual removal of duplicate files may not work in all the version of Outlook. As a remedy, the use of third-party duplicate remover is suggested.

The Third-party duplicate remover utilities can easy and rapidly remove all the duplicate emails items including attachments, notes, journals, etc without slowing down the performance. The third-party duplicate removal has the capability to remove multiple files at the single instant in batch mode. Once the removal of duplicate email items is done the user can save them into Outlook PST. So the user can save the new Outlook file at the desired location in the computer.

Advantages of using third-party duplicate removal

The third party tools are reliable and beneficial assets for the user. They are very handy and can remove duplicate emails with an ease. Some of its advantages are discussed below:

  • Duplicate remover is easy, quick and save much of user time.
  • They have proven to be worthy utilities for the removal of duplicates email items.
  • Duplicate remover allows multiples file selection option which is very convenient for the users.
  • The manual procedure does not provide satisfactory results. In case of third-party duplicate remover, the user does not have to worry about them.
  • They support all the version of Outlook which is an additional benefit for the users and the users can use them in any version they want.

Hence, the user is advised to use third-party utilities, if the user is struggling with the problems regarding duplicate emails removal. They allow an easier and quicker access to remove duplicate emails.

The free demo version is this utility is also available and it will help the users to understand the entire process of removing duplicate PST files efficiently. This free version can only access only 25 items per folder from Outlook PST files for removal. For more information, go to the link below.