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Compress Large Size PST file using PST Compact and Compress software

PST compact and compress software is the trustworthy and reliable software for the compressing multiple numbers of PST files. The software is simple and its user-friendly access allows the users to easily compress and compact single as well as multiple PST file at a time. The software has a finest interface due to which it works perfectly on all types of PST mailbox and files, regardless of its length, size, and format (i.e. UNICODE and ANSI). The quick and advanced algorithm of this software allows technical and nontechnical users to work sufficiently without creating any hindrance or the need for technical expertise.

What are the PST formats and the reasons which lead to Compress PST files?

The Microsoft Outlook PST files are saved in two different file formats. ANSI format was used in Outlook versions which were before 2003 and Unicode format were used for Outlook 2003 and its later versions. The PST file is saved in ANSI format can store mailbox up to 2 GB only. But Unicode format provides the user with enough space for their respective mailbox storage, i.e. from 20 GB to 50 GB. Generally, the Unicode PST file format is not seen to gets close to its maximum size limit but ANSI PST file can easily reach its maximum size or it may also go beyond its size.


PST is the file formats in which MS Outlook stores its data and mailbox files and folders. This PST plays major and crucial roles for the storage of data, and their availability cannot be ignored by the users. The PST file formats size can be increased or decrease which may depend upon the incoming or receiving data that is transferred to PST formats.  The oversize of PST data leads to the data loss, corruption or incapable management failure and may also result to inaccessibility in the current data, mailbox, and contact. In such cases, it becomes very difficult for the users to manage their PST files and formats and many times if the users are novice than these problems could not be solved by them easily.

Some of the consequences of Oversize PST are as follows:

  • System Performance: Large PST files are difficult to manage which may affect system performance and system maintenance. Therefore, the user needs to compress them for better manageability.
  • Corruption or loss of data: Availability of files the large PST files may increase chances of data corruption or data loss is increased if they exceed beyond its limits.

What are the benefits of using PST compress and compact software for compressing PST files and formats?

The valuable and amazing feature of this software which benefits users during the compression is that it allows the user to transfer single as well as multiple PST files at a time. During the compression process, the software efficiently removes all the duplicate items. However, if the user does not want that the software to opt for this action, then the user can use the option of Exclude duplicate items. This option allows the user not to remove the duplicate items from the mailbox. This software is proficient and quick for solving using issues related to compression of PST. One such additional; features which this allow it user with is while compressing large size of PST file, the software allows the users to separate their respective attachments from PST emails and save them in target folder at the desired location without any changes in the attachment data. The PST compress and compact software are very safe and straightforward application that requires no additional technical expertise. It can compress/compact PST file of any size without causing any damage or data loss. It can safely reduce PST file size by removing only the extra and unused space and maintains all the attachments while compressing PST files. Therefore users are advised to opt for PST compress and compact software for better management and easier accessibility.