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The Most effective way to convert OST to PST Mailbox

The Microsoft Outlook saves its data in two type of file formats OST and PST. OST is the offline database which is created by Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange in order synchronize offline copies of messages and mail in Exchange server. To make it more convenient and simpler for the users to understand, we can say that it enables the users to work in an offline mode and then escorts the changes when the MS Exchange Server gets connected. OST is generally used when there are issues with no connectivity. The PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is a file extension on Microsoft Outlook which is used to store the copy of emails, message, calendar, attachments, etc. These PST files can be stored anywhere in the computer which makes it easier to keep a backup copy of PST files.

During the system maintenance or system downtime, the user is unable to access the mailbox. The reason being that OST files are unable to access or may get damaged during the shutdown. Therefore, in such conditions the need to convert OST to PST arises.  Some of the reason can be discussed as follows:-

  • Exchange server can get crashed unexpectedly due to various causes and may result in displaying error messages.
  • By converting OST to PST, the database can be recovered easily even after the system may faces an accidental deletion from the mailbox of an exchange server.
  • The Microsoft server can come up with the unusable or unexpected crash, system failure, virus or any other reasons such problems. Due to such crashes, you might not be able to connect to MS exchange server. These types of situations are difficult to handle and create certain conditions in which the mailbox will display some errors.

The OST to PST conversion is becoming an issue amongst several user and clients. Methods are available for conversion but the end results are not satisfactory for the users. This issue not only affects the performance of the system but also very frustrating for the users. The users are unable to get proper remedies from this issue which further results in deletion and corruption of important files and folder. This issue can be easily tackled if the users are provided with effective measures to overcome OST to PST conversion. Therefore, in order to act as remedies against such issue, we will be discussing the most effective ways so that the user do not require any technical expertise in case any error appears during the conversion and can get satisfactory output.

Effective way to convert OST to PST

Several issues of OST and PST can be fixed by using Inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) which is offered by Microsoft. But there are other issues which can only be resolved by using third-party software utilities. Among those third-party software utilities, Shoviv software has emerged as one an effective utility which has the capability to export, repair and convert inaccessible OST to PST file. The third-party utilities to convert OST to PST are one of the most appropriate methods to overcome issues related to corruption of OST and PST files, Conversion of OST to PST and so on. They are reliable assets and can recover corrupted PST files and data. It can convert OST emails, items, attachments and journals into PST format do not consume much of users time. Loading and adding a number of PST files at one go for the recovery task from damaged and inaccessible mode to healthy mode is one of the many features of these software utilities. The recovery of damaged PST files to new healthy PST files is quite easy with this tool.

Benefits of using OST to PST converter

  • OST to PST converter software comes with highly advanced scanning mode to convert OST to PST and assure recovery of suddenly deleted emails along with their attachments like contacts, tasks, notes, calendar events.
  • OST to PST software immediately recovers offline outlook OST files from damage and corrupted stage.
  • OST to PST conversion Software is user-friendly and allow an easier access to the user’s.
  • No matter, what the size of OST files might be, it will work efficiently in all the OST files with flourishing results.
  • OST to PST converter software supports all the versions of outlook and windows, so the user does not have to worry about the type of outlook version the users are using.

OST to PST converter has become a hub for resolving issues related to the conversion of OST to PST. They act as a remedy for all the unnecessary problems and issue which user generally face when dealing with OST errors. They are easily available online and users can purchase them after their free demo version trails. Therefore, the users are suggested to consider third party software for converting as they are the effective solution to all the user problem m when converting OST to PST.

The free demo version of third-party software tools is easily available and is capable to convert first 25 items from a single OST file to PST formats.


Convert OST to EML Email Data By Using OST Converter

OST File is an offline database created by MS Outlook and Exchange to synchronize offline copies of messages and mail in Exchange server. To make it much simpler to understand, we can say that it enables the users to work in an offline mode and then, accompany the changes when the next time MS Exchange Server gets connected. Whereas, EML file formats are stored by the number of email clients such as Window live, Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft outlook express, etc generally use to save their mailbox messages in the operating system files. There arises a situation when the user needs to export their data from OST to email clients which supports EML format. This is generally when the user requires access to some of the mail items of offline Outlook data file in different Mail client which support email messages in EML format files.

Needs to convert OST to EML

  • As EML format is supported by no. of email clients, therefore, to access into EML format the need export OST data into EML format arises.
  • When the user wants to share attachment from Outlook OST to emails clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Window live, etc. Since these email clients do not support OST data, therefore, the user needs to convert its data into EML format.

Conversion of OST to EML using Third-party

The manual version of exporting OST to EML does not guarantee satisfactory results. As during the export of OST to EML, there are chances that the data may get damaged or may get corrupted. Therefore, to avoid such circumstance the user need to use third-party software.

The third-party software utility is the easiest way to convert OST to EML formats without altering any original data. The high-end algorithm of third party users supports a large amount of OST files and does allow the users to export EML if necessary. The third party methods are very easy and do not consume much of the users time. They act to the advantage and provide secure easier access for the user.

Benefits of using OST to EML third-party

  • OST to EML converter has a highly secured algorithm to export OST data to EML file format without destroying any attachments or Metadata from the OST files.
  • The third party OST to EML converter can quick shift single or multiple data at the same time with ease.
  • The third party OST to EML provides a user with the option to split large EML files along with the password protection.
  • It is also capable to shift data to other files format apart from EML format such an MSG and HTML.
  • This software is able to support all the version of MS outlook and Window.

They can quickly resolve user issues and provide easier access and feasibility to the users. Therefore, the user which is shifting their domain from OST to EML third-party software has proven trust-worthy and reliable assets. Free demo version of this software tool is capable to convert first 25 items from the OST to EML. Hence, users are recommended to use third-party software for better accessibility.