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Recovery of Damage and Dismounted Exchange EDB Files with The Help of EDB Recovery Software

Sometimes the user found them in a state where their EDB files are unable to work properly due to the damage or deletion of their EDB files. This problem is very common amongst the users in which the users are unable to process the output of the work and are not able to access their files and folder in exchange server for better accessibility and services. In this blog, we came with the solution for the users which faces this kind of issues in their day to day life and also appropriate methods for the recovery of damaged and dismounted EDB files with the help of EDB recovery software.

What is an EDB file and what are the reasons due to which EDB files are damaged or dismounted?

EDB files are the database files format that store entire mailbox data items including emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, journals, and notes. This EDB is the database that is generally saved in Microsoft Exchange Server or in other words, these EDB files are the online access which works when the users transfer their data to Exchange server while working. There are two types of EDB files and which stores the attachment in separate file format named as STM.

  • Priv.edb: Priv.edb is the database file that has only private data of user’s mailboxes.
  • Pub.edb: Pub.edb is the data items which keep up public or shared file folders of user’s mailboxes.
  • STM: These files are used to save email attachments in personal file.

Due to certain conditions, the situation may arise because of which the users are unable to access their EDB files in Exchange. The reasons for which can be discussed briefly in the below

  • Hardware issues which cause EDB files corruption: Any non-functionality, damage or unknown influence in the hard drive is a troublesome issue which can further lead to corruption and dismounting of system which automatically influence the users Exchange to corrupt when the user is working on it.
  • Virus and malware: In certain occasions, when Exchange Server is not aware of the Anti-virus programs which can make their file corrupt, or sometimes the users have an antivirus program but they does not apply them to scan the users database or application with it all this lead to the damaging their EDB files and folder.
  • Accidental Shutdown issues: Sometime due to accidental shutdown or unaccepted system failure when the users are working on EDB files or exchange server may cause EDB files deletion or dismounting which is not known to the users until they access to their EDB files but unable to do so.
  • Oversize of Storage limit:When Exchange database size limit is exceed it may result in causing number of issues such as damaging of EDB files, corruption or it may also be prone to virus and malware.

Many more such problems may cause the EDB file to get damaged, dismounted or deletion. To avoid such problematic issues the user must be aware of the reason which causes the damage, deletion or corruption of EDB files so that this problem can be avoided in future.

What are the appropriate methods through which damaged and dismounted EDB files can be recovered?

The damage, dismounting, and deletion of EDB files are always been a troublesome issue amongst user as they are unable to access to their important data and information. Therefore to access back into these damage EDB files and folder most users opt for methods which can recover back their damage and deleted EDB files. The recovery of EDB files is not an easy task it requires technical expertise for the proper recovery of EDB file and folder. Though the manual methods are available for the recovery of EDB files they come with some disadvantages while the users are recovering their damage and dismounted EDB files. Some of the disadvantages are discussed below:-

  • The manual methods are time-consuming when the recovery of EDB files process take place.
  • The manual methods are complicated and need technical expertise for the effective recovery of EDB files and folder.
  • The manual methods do not support bulk recovery of EDB files.
  • There are chances of data permanent corruption or data loss.

Hence, in order to recover the damage and deleted EDB files, the users are required to use effective and effortless EDB recovery software solution as they are simple, easy and quick for the recovery of damage and deleted EDB files. The Exchange EDB recovery software allows an effortless recovery of the damaged and deleted EDB files without altering the original data within the EDB files. They are the best solution for the recovery of EDB files and support bulk recovery of damage and deleted EDB files saving a lot of user’s time. The EDB recovery software comes with additional features which allow the user to export EDB files to Office365, Live exchange or Outlook PST file format.

Thus, we recommend our user to opt for EDB recovery software solution as they are the best and effortless solution for recovery of user’s damaged and deleted EDB files and folder. They make the user’s task trouble-free and provide an adequate result with the definite outcome.