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EMLX/EML to PST Converter Software for Exporting Apple Mail to Outlook

Migrating from one platform to another is really very difficult if the organization size is large. Migrating thousands of mailboxes from one email platform to another is a very time consuming and chaotic task that consumes a lot of efforts and funds. EMLX/EML to PST converter is the safest and quickest solution to export Apple Mail to Outlook. EMLX/EML to PST Converter offers its users an easy-to-use, highly interactive, self-descriptive, user-friendly graphical user interface making the entire EMLX to PST conversion a much easier task even for novice users.


Before moving any further, let us discuss briefly about EMLX and EML?

EMLX file format is the mail message format which is supported only in Mac Operating System. EMLX format is basically like a text file. The email client which supports EMLX file extension is Apple Mail. EMLX mail format can also be open in text editor. EML/EMLX is the file format used by various email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.  Sometimes due to change in business requirements, users might need to convert their domain from EML/EMLX files into PST files.

Reasons which lead to export of Apple mail to Outlook by using EMLX/EML to PST converter software

  • Maintenance cost: Because of the secure algorithm, the need to maintain the email clients is essential. The user might find it expensive for them to maintain their email clients in order to access its full function but this is not the case with MS outlook users. As the maintenance cost is MS outlook comparatively cheap as compared to Apple Mail.
  • Easier and user friendly access: The user-friendly access to MS Outlook has made it a popular email client amongst its user. whereas Apple mails are only meant for technical users as novice find them difficult to operate.
  • On corruption of EMLX/EML files, they need to be repaired immediately. While repairing damaged EMLX/EML files, they can be easily restored in PST file format.

What are the benefits of exporting EMLX to PST using EMLX/EML to PST converter?

There is a huge concern amongst the user regarding the EMLX/EML to PST converter software for exporting EMLX to PST formats. To choose healthily and swift converting software with full functionality and accurate results is must because of the need that has arisen for exporting their domain. Therefore the users were suggested to use EMLX/EML to PST converter software.

The EMLX/EML to PST converter software is easy and safest solution which has secure algorithms to convert EML into PST file format along with keeping all the attachments and metadata without any loss in the properties of EML and EMLX files. This tool shifts data to PST file format in the larger amount at a single go, therefore the data transfer from EML mailboxes can be done without wasting too much time and efforts. There is another amazing feature that is quite attractive for users i.e. this software is capable of supporting data from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Eudora and Thunderbird clients as well and can export them to. The software is reliable and upright in providing satisfactory results to the user without any alteration in any of its original data.

To access Apple Mail EMLX files on MS Outlook is not an easy task, one needs to convert EMLX into PST format, and later import that PST file in MS Outlook. There are various solutions available to perform this Apple Mail to Outlook Windows Migration, but choosing the wise among them for conversion EMLX to PST is necessary. Therefore we suggest the users opt for EMLX/EML to PST converter software.